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Health & Safety

Velocity Valley is committed to providing a safe, enjoyable experience for all our visitors.

Velocity Valley is New Zealand’s most heavily audited park as our various adventure rides comply with different auditing bodies. We have strict criteria we must meet in order to operate and these auditing bodies ensure we are meeting this criteria and operating our rides legally and safely.

Over and above the individual ride audits we conduct annually we also ensure the business is working under the best practice for the betterment of our customers, staff and the environment.  This process is undertaken by Tourism New Zealand through Qualmark.


Qualmark Gold

Velocity Valley Adventure Park has carried the Qualmark accreditation for 20 years of operation. We have  We are proud to be rated Qualmark Gold and continually strive to improve on our environmental contribution.Qualmark is New Zealand tourism’s official mark of quality and the world’s first integrated quality assurance system.

With many accommodation and tourism operators currently licensed to carry the Qualmark, you can book and buy with confidence knowing that each operator has been independently assessed as professional and trustworthy.

Furthermore all businesses that display Qualmark star grading or endorsed logo are assessed on their environmental performance. For a Qualmark business they will be performing well in environmental practices and engaging in activities including energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, environmental conservation and community support.


Worksafe NZ Certified – Shweeb, Freefall Xtreme & Swoop & Rotorua Bungy

Velocity Valley is certified by WorkSafe New Zealand (WorkSafe).  Freefall Xtreme, Swoop & Bungy and Shweeb are all audited independently by Worksafe.  This means that Velocity Valley has been approved and recognised to have a sound and robust health and safety plan and operations in place, ensuring that our customers and staff are kept safe at all times.


Maritime New Zealand – Agrojet

As the Agrojet operates on water Maritime New Zealand provide all auditing and safety regulations for this.

Maritime NZ are responsible for the safety, security and environmental protection of New Zealand’s seas, rivers and lakes. Our maritime environment is vital to New Zealand’s prosperity, security and social wellbeing – providing valuable trade, tourism and recreational opportunities.


Tourism Export Council

Velocity Valley is a proud Allied member of the Tourism Export Council.

The Tourism Export Council of New Zealand (TECNZ) is a trade association representing the interests of inbound tourism for over 45 years.  A key role is to advocate for the New Zealand inbound tourism industry and tourism industry operators. The issues and opportunities we champion as an organisation are the result of access to an excellent cross-section of the NZ Tourism industry.


Tourism Export Council

Velocity Valley is a proud member of TIA and have been for over 16 years.

Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) is the only independent association that represents all sectors of New Zealand’s large and diverse tourism industry. TIA accomplish what no single member or sector group could achieve by themselves.



Minimum and Maximum Ride Requirements

Am I Too short? Too tall? Too fat? Too skinny? Too wide? Too Young? Too Old?……….The answer is NO you’re not, just follow these simple guidelines for each activity.

  • Rotorua Bungy:
    The legal age for bungy jumping in New Zealand is 10 years of age. If you are 15 years of age and under, you must have parental or guardian consent. Minimum weight is 35KGS or 77lbs. Please click here to read more about Rotorua Bungy.
  • Swoop:
    Minimum height required is 1m or 3.3ft. We have smaller Swoop harnesses for children and taller harnesses for adults. Please click here for more information about the Swoop.
  • Freefall Xtreme:
    Minimum weight required is 20kg, Maximum weight is 110kg, Minimum age 5 years old – click here to read more about Freefall Xtreme.
  • Agrojet:
    Minimum height is 1m tall or 3.3 ft – find out more about racing around the course with Agrojet.
  • Shweeb Racer:
    Minimum height is 1.3m tall or 3.6ft. Maximum height is 2m tall – click here to read more about the Shweeb.
  • Medical or Health Conditions:
    If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, neck or back problems, epilepsy, a neurological disorder you should not participate in any of the above activities.  If you do have any queries that you would like addressed on a one-to-one basis before your visit, please contact Velocity Valley and we can consult our operations team based on your requirements.
  • Accessibility: 
    Velocity Valley is accessible for those with physical disabilities. Some of our activities can also cater for those with disabilities. Please contact us directly to discuss more in-depth about what we can do.
  • “Omg everyone needs to go here... Lots of fun. I did the agrojet (reaches 100km/h in less than 4 seconds) and the swoop (where you drop from 40m high and can reach 130km/h!). Highly recommend both and the other rides look fun too. Even if you're scared of heights (like me!) definitely try the swoop, I ended up loving it!”

    Greg Stevens
    July 2021