• Original Velocity Valley Site 1999

    Park History


Velocity Valley is situated within the realm of the world-famous Agrodome, and is a business unit of its own standing, leasing the land from the Agrodome (Ngai Tahu Tourism).  The site has gone through several transformations since its inception in 1998, including ride additions, direct road access, consolidation of business ownership in 2010 and renaming and rebranding the company – just to name a few!

We invite you to look over our timeline below and understand how we have endured over the years and remained a favourite destination for both domestic and international manuhiri (visitors) alike.

May 1998 Discussions with the Agrodome (original owners) about leasing the land for the purpose of adventure rides.
October 1998 The park was opened with the World’s first commercial Jet Sprint experience – AGROJET
September 1999 Launch of New Zealand’s first giant swing – SWOOP, and Rotorua’s first and only Bungy jump – ROTORUA BUNGY
May 1999 Park operates under the name: AGRODOME ACTIVITIES.  All activities are still individually owned and operated; however outgoing marketing reflects Agrodome Activities.
October 2003 Launch of the only outdoor flying wind tunnel in the Southern Hemisphere – FREEFALL XTREME
March 2006 New main reception building built
September 2007 Direct Road access from Paradise Valley Road into the park. We now no longer needed to rely on access through the Agrodome. Big step in independence for the company.
March 2007 Launch of the World’s only monorail racetrack – SHWEEB
2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis impacts the park and visitation numbers. All rides owners agree to create packages to attract more domestic tourism.
November 2010 Bungy and Swoop owners put their business up for sale.  The other ride directors consolidate and purchase Bungy/Swoop.  From here a new company is created for all the rides to operate under – AGROVENTURE ADVENTURE PARK.
2010 Google voted Shweeb as one of the top innovations and gave the Shweeb directors $US1m to help develop the urban transport version as a potential viable option.
2010 – 2017 Ongoing site upgrades to buildings and landscaping
January 2018 Rename and rebranding of the company; From Agroventures Adventure Park to VELOCITY VALLEY
December 2019 Coronavirus locks down our international borders.
March 2020 Full country lockdown to halt the Coronavirus pandemic.
May 2020 Velocity Valley reopens with limited days but maintains all staffing personnel.
June 2020 Velocity Valley breaks 18year record of daily visitor numbers. New Zealanders are eager to support local, and for that we are ever so grateful.
July 2020 till now The park operates 5 days per week (closing Tuesday and Wednesday) until the international visitor demand is apparent.
  • “Omg everyone needs to go here... Lots of fun. I did the agrojet (reaches 100km/h in less than 4 seconds) and the swoop (where you drop from 40m high and can reach 130km/h!). Highly recommend both and the other rides look fun too. Even if you're scared of heights (like me!) definitely try the swoop, I ended up loving it!”

    Greg Stevens
    July 2021