• Multi Ride Packages


If you ever wanted to experience adventure and save money whilst doing it look no further. These cost saving packages allow flexibility of choosing the rides you want to do when you arrive at the park. Our rides are uniquely New Zealand and many of which are also unique to Velocity Valley.   Where else can you experience high adrenaline rides like ours in such cost effective saving packages.

Please note that these packages are for solo use and can not be shared.

Ride Selection from:

Swoop  Freefall Xtreme  Shweeb  Agrojet

Individual Double Dip


$100.00 pp (GOOD DEAL)

Great taste tester for adventure thrill seekers. Choose any TWO rides from Agrojet, Freefall Xtreme, Swoop or Shweeb. Only $100.00pp. Book Mulitride

Individual Double Dip
Velocity Valley - Freefall Xtreme

Adrenaline Overload


Adrenaline Overload, one of our most popular packages. Includes – Agrojet, Freefall Xtreme, Swoop and Shweeb Racer, four adrenaline rides at one crazy low price. Only $175.00pp Book Multi Ride

Adrenaline Overload


VIP COMBO: $300.00 5 ride package

This ultimate VIP package brings together all the best NZ adventure rides in one easy package – Vertigo + 4 adventure rides. Where else can experience all these iconic adventures in one location. Only $300.00pp

Book Multi Ride



  • What rides can I do with these passes? Choose any 2 or 4 activities from Swoop, Freefall Xtreme, Agrojet or Shweeb Racer.
  • Can I do 1 ride and give the other rides to someone else? No, this is an individual pass so only one person can use the rides.
  • Can I use these passes to do a bungy? No, Only the VIP 5 ride pass includes a Bungy jump.
  • Can children use these passes?  Yes, as long as they meet our minimum height and weight restriction. See below for more details or click here.
    • Swoop:  Minimum height of 1.15 metre (115cm), maximum weight 270kg combined weight. Children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied by an adult on the Swoop.
    • Freefall Xtreme:  Minimum age 5 years old, maximum weight 110kg
    • Agrojet:  Minimum height of 1 metre
    • Shweeb Racer:  Minimum height of 1.3 metres and maximum of 2 metres
  • If I’m too scared to do one specific ride can I change it for a another ride. Yes. You choose the rides that appeal to you. You can double up on a specific ride if its your favorite as long as you only complete the maximum number of rides your pass permits.
  • “Omg everyone needs to go here... Lots of fun. I did the agrojet (reaches 100km/h in less than 4 seconds) and the swoop (where you drop from 40m high and can reach 130km/h!). Highly recommend both and the other rides look fun too. Even if you're scared of heights (like me!) definitely try the swoop, I ended up loving it!”

    Greg Stevens
    July 2021