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Top Rotorua Spots to Propose to a Thrillseeker

“Will you marry me?” is possibly one of the most nerve-wracking questions you’ll ever ask in your life, and planning the proposal can be a tricky one, especially if your other half is an adrenaline junkie…

A fancy restaurant proposal or romantic picnic just doesn’t feel exciting enough. Grab your hiking boots, your togs and/or your mountain bike – because we’ve come up with a list of awesome Rotorua proposal spots that will impress your about-to-be fiancé so much they’ll be yelling ‘yes!’ from the rooftops.

On the SWOOP!!!

Whether they’re screaming ‘yessss!’ or just straight up screaming, the Swoop is the ultimate thrill-seeker’s proposal spot!

Ah, the beloved Swoop here at Velocity Valley. When you hop into our Swoop ride – where you get to nose-dive headfirst to the ground from 40 metres high – we’re kind enough to let you release the cord yourself. If you time your proposal, then pull the cord, there’s high chance your soon-to-be fiancé may be screaming ‘yesssssssss!’ as you swoop to the ground. Or it’ll at least make the wait for an answer a whole lot more exciting!

No matter at which point you pop the question, it’s definitely better to wait till you’re standing on firm ground before presenting your partner with the ring!

In a ZORB ball

Shake the proposal up a bit with a ZORB roll downhill! Credit: ZORB Rotorua, @ZORB.RIDE on Facebook

Pop your togs on and superman dive into an enormous inflatable ball with your other half. Then, roll down a hill while laughing hysterically. You could pop the question in the ball itself (just don’t drop the ring while holding the Go Pro camera!) or wait till you’re soaking in one of the hot tubs at the bottom of the hill, reminiscing about what just happened. To really make it a surprise, make sure you and your partner pack absolutely nothing to bring along; ZORB Rotorua will supply you both with a T’shirt and shorts in a pinch, so you can maintain the ruse all the way from your hotel!

Whichever way you do it – proposing at ZORB is something neither of you will forget in a hurry!

Along the Western Okataina mountain bike trail

Is your soulmate a sucker for an awesome trail, a native forest and stunning lake views? Then grab your helmets and head to Lake Okareka to hit this 19.1km trail.

Wind through the Lake Okataina Scenic Reserve, where plenty of ups, straights, and downhills keep the terrain varied and challenging. This trail is shared with walkers, so you may need to pick your timing (but it’s usually not super busy). Just remember to let your partner catch their breath before popping the question somewhere along the track! It’ll make for an exhilarating ride back!

Hot Water Beach, Lake Tarawera

Let the heart rate rest just a bit at this stunning lookout on the Tarawera Trail before getting the blood pumping again with a rather important question! Credit: www.rotoruanz.com

Hike the stunning Tarawera Trail together, navigating undulating climbs, through lakeside bushland and up to the Rotomahana Lookout. Pop the question in front of the glorious mountain and lake view before descending down to Hot Water Beach, where you can enjoy a hot soak in the sand while you both admire the ring.

Pre-organise a water taxi to pick you up at the end of the day, and you’ll have a bit of luxury to end your outdoorsy, adventure-driven day!

Waimangu Volcanic Valley – Steaming cliffs kayak tour

Geothermal activity before the most important activity of your life? Credit: www.waimangu.co.nz

Explore the beauty and history of Lake Rotomahana on a spectacular guided kayaking tour, where you’ll paddle your way around the world’s youngest geothermal system. From the Jurassic-like world of steaming cliffs and colourful landscapes to paddling on top of the original location of Pink and White Terraces (once the 8th Wonder of the World), this is a kayaking adventure that will leave you awe-struck.

Bonus: If you organise your plans with your guide beforehand, you could even ask that they take photos of the big moment. Think of how stunning the backdrop would be! Very Instagrammable, and super memorable.

There you have it – a complete list of Rotorua’s most exciting, unique, and adrenaline-fuelled proposal ideas for that special someone who would love and deserve a different kind of proposal. Whichever appeals the most, there’s nothing cookie-cutter about these ideas. Best of luck!

  • “My son and I did the agrojet and swoop then my son did vertigo. We had so much fun, definitely 10 out of 10 for us. The staff were amazing, super friendly and great sense of humours. Thanks guys.”

    Juanita B
    February 2024

  • “This is definitely a MUST DO!! 💯 They have an awesome team that operate all the attractions in their park. We went to celebrate our friends birthday We all had a blast here and the amazing team of workers made it much more funnier. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone and will definitely go back again!”

    Jo P
    March 2024