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Splash into Rotorua’s top water activities

In a country full of picturesque lakes, rivers and beaches, a trip to New Zealand wouldn’t be complete without immersing yourself in the wonderful water activities on offer. From action-packed white-water rafting, to relaxing in a rejuvenating hot pool, there’s something for everyone here in Rotorua. If you’re preparing for your next roadie, make sure to add a water activity or two to your itinerary and really make a splash! 

Feel the force on the AgroJet

Experience 3Gs of force as you’re transported to speeds of up to 100km/h in just 4 seconds on Velocity Valley’s AgroJet rideit’s not one for the fainthearted! If you have a need for speed, then this is the ride for youimagine doing hot laps in a Ferrari, but on water. Your expert driver will skilfully take you through thrilling twists and turns at high speed, leaving you laughing and smiling the whole way. Velocity Valley’s adventure park offers a range of other rides for those who aren’t too keen on the water, so if heights and speed are more your thing, there’s sure to be something to satisfy your adrenaline cravings. 

Raft the rapids with Kaitiaki Adventures

Weave and paddle your way through fast-flowing straights and down massive drops along the Okere River. Kaitiaki Adventures will take you on an epic journey through the exhilarating rapids, surrounded by lush native bush. There’s even the breathtaking 7-metre-tall Tutea Falls to navigate, for the ultimate thrill. PS – it’s the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world!

Try your hand at sledging for a unique downstream adventure – or if you’re a little hesitant on the water, take a peaceful walk through Okere Falls Scenic Reserve to watch the brave rafters make their way down the awa (river). You’ll hear the fast-flowing waters before you see them, it’s that loud!

Traverse from land to lake with Rotorua Duck Tours

See Rotorua’s picturesque lakes with a fresh pair of eyes, aboard a historic World War II amphibious landing craft. It’s an entirely new way to see the sights, with fascinating commentary and plenty of quirky moments along the journey. Being amphibious, you’ll start on the comfort of land, cruising through the town centre, before splashing down in Lake Tikitapu, Lake Ōkāreka and Lake Tarawera. Don’t miss out on this quacker of a tour during your Rotorua holiday!

Rest your body and mind in Polynesian Spa’s geothermal hot pools

There’s no better way to finish your fun-filled day with a relaxing soak in a hot pool. Polynesian Spa is home to a variety of geothermally-heated pools at a range of temperatures, including a cold plunge pool, to rest your tired muscles in. Their world-famous acidic waters help to relieve your aches and pains, and their alkaline waters from the Rachel Springs will deeply nourish your skin too. For a truly idyllic experience, book a private sky view or lake view pool for a more intimate escape from daily life.

Make the most of your time in Rotorua by exploring all the wet and wild experiences on offer. Splash out and book an activity in or around the water, that will have you feeling awakened and maybe a little more refreshed than you were before – there’s something to please every kind of traveller!

  • “Omg everyone needs to go here... Lots of fun. I did the agrojet (reaches 100km/h in less than 4 seconds) and the swoop (where you drop from 40m high and can reach 130km/h!). Highly recommend both and the other rides look fun too. Even if you're scared of heights (like me!) definitely try the swoop, I ended up loving it!”

    Greg Stevens
    July 2021