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Keep the kids on their toes with our rocking Rotorua School Holiday Activity list!

After a rollercoaster year of lockdowns and the ups and downs of online learning, it’s time to treat the kids to some actual thrills and spills. We’ve got your April school holidays sorted with a list of must-dos in Rotorua below. And we haven’t forgotten to treat Mum and Dad – some sweet ideas for rest and relaxation are in there too. Read on!

1. “Get lost!”

Is probably something you’ve heard before. But this time it’ll be because your preteen is amping up to explore aMAZEme, the mammoth green hedge maze just off State Highway 5.

Planted in 2005, the maze now stands at an impressive 1.8 metres and it’ll take the kids a wee while to find their way out. Join them for a unique adventure, or go grab a coffee while they’re preoccupied. And if they meander out a little too quickly, you can visit us here at Velocity Valley for a shake-up and spin around afterwards.

2. Rock and roll (and roll and roll…)

Zorb is a world-famous Rotorua classic. You can take the clear bubble of fun down the hill by yourself or in groups of twos (or threes on the Mega Track) – perfect for a parent out and about with a kid or two.

Traditionally a wet and wild bounce down the hill, you can now also enjoy the ride completely dry if you’d prefer, with the Drygo option. Water is added to a layer within the ball itself and not into the ball with you. So you can Zorb and quickly move onto the next location of your Rotorua school holiday extravaganza without getting changed! Like popping in to see us. Keep on movin’!

Credit: Zorb

3. And breathe…

The epitome of pampering and luxurious water treatments, Polynesian Spa is also a great choice for the whole family to truly relax these school holidays. Check out the Family Pool and Rachel Spring alkaline mineral hot pools for a splash about. Or for the break you need from the kiddos, Mum, Dad or both can enjoy a long list of spa treatments at the Retreat Day Spa, and their midweek specials will be an added bonus for beating the weekend queues. Ultimately though, relaxation at this level is best enjoyed after really earning it, so we’ve got the perfect ride-and-relax mix to help make the most of your Polynesian Spa visit.

Credit: Polynesian Spa

4. Is that a truck…or a boat…or both?

Want to add a quirky little adventure into the mix before hitting up Polynesian Spa for some R&R? Duck Tours has you covered with a road-to-water trip in their amphibious WW2 landing crafts! The history of the vehicles will have Granddad rapt and the littlest ones in your lot will be stoked to suddenly splash right into one of three lakes! The Duck, Ride & Relax combo is the unique way to see some of Rotorua’s landscape outside of Polynesian Spa and Velocity Valley.

Credit: Duck Tours

5. Four-legged friends

If you’re after an adventure that’s more middle ground to suit all family members, try going back to basics with horse riding. Adventure Playground has a trek for all ages, all skill levels and all time limits. You can team your horse trek with other activities, or just enjoy a way of taking in the scenery that’s a total departure from the car window!

Credit: Adventure Playground

6. Big day out – Velocity Valley style

Of course, we’d love to see you for a whole day. So if Rotorua is just one of your destinations these school holidays and an adrenaline rush to suit everyone in the fam jam is top of the list, then stop in and enjoy our famous rides! We’re particularly fond of seeing all the funny faces people make while on the Swoop, Rotorua’s giant bungy swing. But make sure you give the Shweeb, Agrojet and V-force a go too with our Family Package.

The Swoop!

7. Dinner time!

Rotorua has a long list of delicious dinner options. And after a huge day bouncing downhills, splashing into lakes on four wheels, being thrown up into the sky by bungy and the very hard work of relaxing in a pool, your whole group will be famished. We recommend the gastronomical menu at The Fainting Goat. Sharing platters are always an interactive way to enjoy a meal, though their gourmet pizzas will delight even the pickiest of teens.

8. Where to stay?

Rather than being your last minute place to crash, choose accommodation in Rotorua that offers amenities to suit everyone’s interests. We suggest Aura Accommodation, definitely more than just a bed and four walls. Aura has a netted trampoline for the kiddos and a big barbeque area for everyone to cook, dine and share their favourite memories from the day. Or head to Eat Streat, only 280m away, for some grub. They’ve also got a range of great suites to fit the fam, no matter how big or small.