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Jump for Joy with these epic Rotorua ideas!

It will come as absolutely no surprise that we’re constantly seeking our next thrill here at Velocity Valley. We’re all big kids, really. And what’s something kids are always, always doing? JUMPING. Bouncing up and down, dropping from great heights, taking a plunge and generally challenging gravity – that’s our goal most of the time!

So we’re pretty in-the-know about where to find your next jump in Rotorua. Read on for some epic ideas to get that next tummy-tingling thrill!

Head first, straight for the earth: Rotorua Bungy at Velocity Valley

Picture this: standing at the top of a 43 metre / 141 foot tall tower, you look out across rolling green farmland and farm animals to the horizon. You’re strapped at the ankles with a bungy cord and below you is a sheer drop. There’s only one thing for it – stepping off the edge and hurtling down toward the ground.

Arguably our biggest adrenaline rush at Velocity Valley, the Rotorua Bungy is the biggest plunge you’ll ever take in town! And the rebounding bounce when you reach the bottom takes ‘jumping’ to a whole other extreme level. The coolest part? Even the ten year-olds in your group can enjoy the Rotorua Bungy – a pretty epic graduation from the backyard trampoline!

Rotorua Bungy


Xtreme Air Trampoline Park – take trampolining to a whole other level!

Speaking of trampolines, you’ve never jumped around quite like at Rotorua’s Xtreme Air Trampoline Park. It features a whopping total of 23 in-ground trampolines, meaning a whole-room bouncing experience. School groups are more than welcome, and it’s a super popular spot for birthday parties.

It’s a bounce addict’s dream; being indoors, you can jump till you’re giddy – rain or shine. Parents, bring your tamariki in on that wet Saturday afternoon while you relax at the Motion Café nearby while the kids leap around and burn off any pent-up energy.

While you’re jumping off some steam, why not try to beat the current world record for consecutive somersaults completed on a trampoline? That would be 3,333…

Xtreme Air


Bring your bike into the bounce, with Velocity Valley’s Freestyle Airbag!

Jumping on a huge bag of air is crazy fun, but doing it on your bike looks badass. The Freestyle Airbag at Velocity Valley is the perfect spot for practicing spins, turns and flips on your beloved bike. Bring it along for the two-hour session (bookings are essential) and hone your mad skills!

You’ll descend down a hill and pick one of three ramps, designed to cater for beginner, intermediate and expert levels of biking. The height you’ll hit will give you tonnes of time to manoeuvre through the air and practice your moves like a pro before landing on the enormous cushion of air.

Anyone aged 8 and up can enjoy the Freestyle Airbag – but regardless of how many birthdays you’ve had, we encourage a helmet, pads and a safe attitude!

Freestyle Airbag Mountain Biker


Head back to basics in nature, with the Redwoods mountain bike trails

Seeking more thrills while you’ve got your bike out and about? A must-do Rotorua activity is mountain biking through the Redwoods Whakarewarewa Forest. Bumps and jumps abound, but the scenery is what will truly get the heart rate up.

Explore over 150km worth of trails – and with that distance there’s always something for beginners all the way through to biking pros. It also makes for a super family-friendly activity, so even if your kiddos aren’t quite Freestyle Airbag-ready, they’ll enjoy a coast on two wheels through the stunning forest. Best of all…there’s no cost!

Redwoods Mountain Biking

Get the mind and body ready for a jump or two in Rotorua the next time you’re here for a weekend or school holiday trip! Between Velocity Valley and the slew of other hot spots in town, you’re bound to find the right adrenaline fix for everyone in your group.

  • “My son and I did the agrojet and swoop then my son did vertigo. We had so much fun, definitely 10 out of 10 for us. The staff were amazing, super friendly and great sense of humours. Thanks guys.”

    Juanita B
    February 2024

  • “This is definitely a MUST DO!! 💯 They have an awesome team that operate all the attractions in their park. We went to celebrate our friends birthday We all had a blast here and the amazing team of workers made it much more funnier. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone and will definitely go back again!”

    Jo P
    March 2024