• How much per person?
    $169.00 per person.
  • How high is it?
    43 metres or 141 feet high.
  • Can we tandem jump here?
    Unfortunately we only offer solo jumps.
  • Can I purchase Bungy within a package and enjoy more rides within your adventure park?
    Yes, our VIP package includes and bungy jump and 4 additional adventure rides. Only one bungy jump per VIP package.
  • Do you operate Bungy in the rain?
  • What is the minimum age to participate?
    10 yrs of age. Any child between the age of 10-15yrs must have parental consent. Click here for all ride requirements
  • What is the minimum weight to participate?
    35kgs (77 lbs)
  • What is the maximum weight limit?
    150kg (330 lbs) for a solo jump (on the proviso that you can fit our safety harness)
  • Bungy weights may be subject to change according to our Health and Safety requirements. Please call us directly to confirm.
  • What if I don’t jump?
    We will never force you to jump. We will help you gather confidence to take the leap. If you absolutely can not jump we will return to the ground, however no refund will be given, so try your best to jump!
  • Is it scary?
    Bungy jumping is a real test of confidence. It is extremely confronting for many people, but others thrive off the adrenaline rush. This is the ultimate leap and the ultimate thrill of extreme adrenaline.

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  • “Omg everyone needs to go here... Lots of fun. I did the agrojet (reaches 100km/h in less than 4 seconds) and the swoop (where you drop from 40m high and can reach 130km/h!). Highly recommend both and the other rides look fun too. Even if you're scared of heights (like me!) definitely try the swoop, I ended up loving it!”

    Greg Stevens
    July 2021